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CEIS Research Paper

The “Double Expansion of Morbidity” Hypothesis: Evidence from Italy

Atella Vincenzo, Belotti Federico, Cricelli Claudio, Dankova Desislava, Kopinska Joanna, Palma Alessandro and Piano Mortari Andrea

The gains in life expectancy (LE) experienced over the last decades have been accompanied by the increases in the number of years lived in bad health, lending support to the “expansion of morbidity” hypothesis. In this paper we revise this theory and propose the “Double Expansion of Morbidity” (DEM) hypothesis… [read more]

CEIS Research Paper

Stress, Famine and the Fetal Programming: The Long Term Effect of WWII in Italy

This paper analyses the effect of in utero and at birth exposure to WWII intensity on long-run health and economic outcomes. We link individual clinical electronic records collected by General Practitioners (GPs) for a large sample of Italian adults with detailed information on the intensity of exposure to WWII con ict, disaggregated by month and province of birth. Under weak assumptions, which we discuss and test carefully, our analysis provides a lower bound of the long-run… [read more]